Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please call us directly at +1(800) 605-2130 and one of our professional Customer Care Representatives will be happy to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

Q1.There used to be a store near me. Where is the closest store now?

All of the retail stores were closed in the year 2000 as part of the liquidation mentioned below. We sell exclusively over the internet to retail customers and through our network of Commercial Sales Professionals to institutional and GSA customers.


Q2. I heard that This End Up filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is no longer in business. What's going on?

Citicorp Venture Capital, the former owner, filed for bankruptcy in January 2000 and subsequently liquidated all assets in late 2000. We purchased the Company's intellectual property, including the name, trademarks, registrations, product designs, customer lists, and certain other rights associated with the Company. We now offer most of the furniture pieces the previous company offered as well as two new lines of furniture. Please take a look at our Artisan and Coastal Cottage lines.


Q3. Why are other companies claiming that This End Up is out of business, and claiming to be the originators of your furniture?

We can't control how our competitors behave or what they say. We prefer to focus on rebuilding This End Up and providing our customers the finest products and the highest quality of service. The fact remains, though, this is the only place to get authentic This End Up furniture. We are the only manufacturer of the furniture you have come to know and love. The dimensions, design, finish, and most importantly the durability and quality you have come to expect from This End Up is only available from one source...and that's us!


Q4. Can I request samples of your fabrics?

Yes, in fact we highly recommend it as monitor quality and settings can distort the appearance of color and texture of the fabric photo representations. Prior to placing your furniture and/or cushion order, you may request up to five (5) samples of our Stock fabrics at no-charge. We will process your request immediately and in most cases, your swatch samples will be sent via US Mail the next business day.


Q5. I need new cushions! How can I get them?

Click on the Cushion Center link at the top of the page and select your style of furniture. Upon selecting your style, you will be shown all cushion styles available for your furniture; Classic, Artisan or Woods End. If you have not already chosen a fabric, click the Fabrics link above to see our vast selection of over 120 fabrics. You may order samples of our stock fabrics on-line at no charge by clicking on "Add-to-Cart". We highly recommend that you order your swatch samples PRIOR to placing your order. If you need assistance, you may speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives by calling (800) 605-2130 M-F from 9am to 4:30pm EST or you may send us an e-mail at info@thisendup.com. We are happy to assist you.


Q6. What kind of wood do you use for your furniture, where does it come from, and where is your furniture manufactured?

We primarily use Southern Yellow Pine. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our Yellow Pine comes from sources with active reforestation and renewable resource management programs. A very small amount is imported from South America. Our furniture is made in our 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Sanford, North Carolina. We take great pride in our furniture and strive to provide the highest quality, most durable furniture for you and your family. Come visit us. We would enjoy showing you how we manufactured your furniture.


Q7. Will the furniture I buy from you today match the furniture I bought years ago?

While we have made some necessary minor design changes, the vast majority of the products remain unchanged.  Wood finishes darken with age, so there will be some differences in the color of previously purchased furniture and newly purchased furniture.


Q8. How do I care for my furniture?

This End Up furniture is made to require minimum care and provide many years of enjoyment. The wood, workmanship and design features of our furniture all contribute to its easy maintenance and long life.

Please note that our furniture is made of natural materials and that variation in color and finish will occur since no two pieces of wood are the same. The presence of knots, unusual grain patterns, dark wood, a rustic feel and a roughhewn look are characteristics of the product and are to be expected. Slight dimensional variations and changes are normal due to the handcrafted nature of our furniture.

A handsome look is easy to maintain, even under the most demanding wear.

Oil-Based Stain Finish Only

Our furniture is protected with an oil-based finish. We recommend using Murphy’s Oil Soap or another water-based furniture polish on your furniture. Use a clean cloth for normal cleaning. Use steel wool to clean your lightly stained products. To condition your furniture, we recommend using lemon oil 2 – 4 times a year.

Do not use kitchen, bathroom or window cleaners as they will damage the finish.

Should you ever scratch or nick your furniture, it can be easily repaired by lightly sanding the wood in the direction of the grain with fine sandpaper, stain, and a clean cloth. For those customers with our Honey Pine finish, we recommend using Minwax® Provincial 211. Please talk to your local stain professional for advice on lightening or darkening if necessary to match the color of other pieces in your home. Always remember to test the stain on a concealed piece of the wood before proceeding.

Oil-Based Stain Finish with Protective Clear Lacquer

Furniture with protective clear lacquer does not require a lot of waxing, cleaning or polishing. This clear protective coating will provide you with years of lustrous beauty. Simply wipe up spills, dust it regularly with a standard water-based furniture polish and enjoy its handsome good looks.

Do not use steel wool, kitchen, bathroom or window cleaners as they will damage the finish.